Wedding Plans


A: Ceremony Only (1 hour)

15-30 min of Prelude during guests arrival & seating, 30-45 min Ceremony music.  

SF venues only.


B: Ceremony & Postlude (1.5 hours)

Our minimum duration at outside SF venues.

30 min Prelude, 30-45 min Ceremony, 15-30 min Postlude.  


C: Ceremony & Cocktail (2 hours)

Appropriate duration for both Ceremony & Cocktail Hour booking.

30 min Prelude, 30 min Ceremony, 60 min Cocktail Hour performance.

D: Ceremony through Reception (2.5~3 hours)

15-30 min Prelude, 30 min Ceremony.  

The remaining time for Cocktail Hour, Reception, or Dinner performance.


SF City Hall Packages


As a preferred vendor, Corelli Strings provides the reasonable package rate for your

SF City Hall wedding.  Our "Signature Duo" has become the most popular option 

for the weekday weddings.  This rather small ensemble of violin & cello adds the intimate

yet perfect touch of string music to fill your hour, with wide selection of repertoire to

choose from. 


  • "Signature Duo":   $500.00 (for weekday 1 hour wedding)

  • Trio for 1 hour:       $680.00 (weekend only)

  • Quartet for 1 hour: $870.00 (weekend only)

*Consult us for the rate of 1.5 hours or longer booking.

*As a courtesy to the workers, SF City Hall requests that you are permitted to hire up to 2 string musicians only, if your wedding falls on a weekday.  Thus Trio & Quartet quotes above are excluded from your option.